Wrinkle Event

November 22, 2013

Yesterday I went to one of my favorite stores in the neighborhood to buy some overpriced eye moisturizer. Sure, I could just slather on some coconut oil and call it a day but where is the fun in that? It is exhilarating to walk into Kiehl’s and feel special with the clerks dressed in white lab coats.


Years ago I was on a TV shoot  (I used to act and still will if someone casts me) and the make-up artist nearly slapped my young yet just beginning to age face for not daily applying eye moisturizer. I did not dare tell him I just put body lotion on my entire body including my face. So began my journey into anti-aging products.

I know, I know, I cannot stop the aging process. I do use sunscreen and I wear a hat in the summer.  I also do this because I am now a piece of experimental art on my upper body from various moles, basal and squamous cells being carved out of my chest and face – but I can pretend I am being proactive in the anti-aging, or should it be holding-on-to-youth, movement.

Have you ever been to Kiehl’s? When you buy a product they give you samples. That is how I started collecting so many of their products.

I have a little collection of Kiehl’s sample packs in my medicine cabinet.


I don’t know if they work or not but I use them. It feels good to have my face moisturized and maybe protected from some of the elements. The thing is, I know I cannot stop the aging process and I want to grow old gracefully, embrace the grays and the lines and the scars. I do not wish to be pulled and stretched to look younger than I am.

I do want to clarify that I do love when people seem surprised by my age. I honestly don’t care if they are just being polite or genuinely are surprised, I just accept it and gloat a little inside to myself.

I have to share though the latest. As I was replenishing my supply of eye cream and the sales clerk asked me,

“Would you like to try our latest product?”

“Of course, I would.”

She then revealed: “This is for those wrinkle events.”

Wrinkle Events. Hmm. Wrinkle Events.

I then started to laugh.

“Wrinkle events?” I inquired.

“Mhhm.” Her eyes looked bright and hopeful.

Isn’t waking up a wrinkle event? Having children? Being an adult? Life is a wrinkle event. Was this cream for living my life? Was it going to make me happier? Less wrinkly? Less happy?

The actual name is Super Multi-corrective cream. I if I use this I am told that I will be in possession of “a fresh, healthy and youthful-looking radiance.

Watch out East Village – you will not be able to handle my radiance!