The Unfathomable Loss

October 31, 2016

MY friend Ann wrote this – so powerful – so sad.

Quest for a Normal Day


Babies die. Children die. Young adults die. No one hates these facts more than I do, no one. Because I was once one of the mothers who walked the interminable shadow of death of my two year old, so yes, I know of what I say. It is impossible to accept and more unfathomable to understand but it is in fact true

My two year old found his way into a swimming pool and drowned without anyone witnessing his ending. Her teen son decided to swim the rushing brook during a hurricane for kicks and was never seen again. Her son was driving home from the beach when a gust of wind flipped his jeep and he was gone despite all the riches and fame that family owned. Didn’t save him. Her daughter decided to switch drivers while driving home, no one survived. Her four-year-old son got a rare…

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