Babies Belong

March 5, 2014


Babies belong in this world. I don’t mean we need to procreate – I mean in our daily lives. I believe one of the strongest challenges to breastfeeding is our culture. Babies are so precious that they cannot be seen or taken out.

We make a separate room, we separate the laundry, we keep babies away from people. My goodness, what are babies but people? And most babies are quite social.

Let’s take the wedding for example. How many women have said “I have to go to a wedding when my baby is three weeks old – will I be able to pump?”  Guess what? A baby is not going to steel a brides’ thunder. But maybe the big wet stains on the front of your dress from your leaking breasts just might.

I recall several years ago my friend Deb was planning her wedding. Two of her closest friends…

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