My Latest Addiction

December 7, 2012

In the sixth grade I wanted glasses and braces! Yes. Silly, I know. I used to put tin foil on my teeth and make glasses out of copper wire. I complained about my eyesight so Mama took all three of us kids to the eye doctor.  Guess who had perfect vision? Me! My brother needed Coke bottle lenses and I got nothing. My teeth were straight and I could see. Oh, the tragedies of youth.

I made it to forty with my great vision. Somewhere though I started squinting. Turns out a couple of years ago I developed the need for reading glasses. I spent a nice amount on some glasses I thought were pretty and sophisticated.  Then I left them somewhere and went to the local drug store and found some cheap but cute reading glasses.  

So, this is my latest addiction. It could be worse. I could do drugs or binge on Twinkies – well, maybe not anymore.

So, if you are thinking of me and see some fun glasses I am currently using the 2.00.


















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