My Distraction

October 13, 2011

So, I had a great opportunity to get back into the groove of writing. My son is home sick with a mild fever – not enough to make him miserable but enough to keep him home from school which keeps me home with him. Perfect opportunity to write something important or interesting. Actually I am working on a little piece about breasts – shocker !

Anyway, I checked e-mails, I sent e-mails, I talked to colleagues, my sister. I did a bit of laundry. I was on my way to change the sheets on my bed. A few months back I bought a new comforter and two sets of matching sheets. So I go to put the brown sheets on and the flat sheet is missing. I go through the utility/linen closet and I cannot find it. I go through the linen chest – no brown queen size flat sheet. Rob prefers no flat sheet but not me – I must have it.   I looked on Phoebe’s bed – she has two – one below the loft – a futon actually where she has been sleeping lately and a bed up in her loft. I checked the lower bed and no brown sheet.

Surely, that dang thing has to be somewhere. So I commence emptying the shelves in both the closet and the cabinet.

We have way too much stuff!

I reorganize the closet and Phoebe calls to tell me she is heading home from school. “Oh, by the way, do you know where my brown flat sheet is?” I ask her casually so as not to show irritation – at 16 she is a doll but prone to snap at me over little things and after all, it is only a sheet. “Yes, it is on my loft bed.” she says. “OK, thank you, see ya soon. I love you!”  I say.

It is the end of the day. Finn is feeling better. My bed is made – there is a green flat sheet which blends nicely with the brown fitted sheet. I am going to start dinner and I did not write my piece on breasts.

But, look at my closet!




One Response to “My Distraction”

  1. Uncle Sushi Says:

    I LOVE IT… and can appreciate it fully for the lovely distraction it turned out to be! 😉

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