Urban Gardening

July 11, 2011

I have fifteen houseplants. I suppose that is not a record setter but I am pretty proud of them. Some are quite old. I just got three new plants. My mother-in-law got a new knee and along with it lots of new plants. She sent me home with three, which I transplanted today.

I love working in dirt.  It is funny for a city dweller.

This is my current outdoor space – which I share with about 30,000 other people and I do not do the gardening.

My dream is to have a terrace

but for now I have little plants all over my window sills.

This is a dish garden from Rob’s aunt Marie – she sent it when my mom died. I think of her – I think of both Marie and Mama whenever I see it.

This Jade started out pretty small. Now it is about four times the size it was a couple of years ago when I bought it at a stoop sale at the Dias y Flores community garden on 13th Street.

I have gardening gloves, a spade, soil and a few pots that I fill and unfill with plants that have grown too big or have died. I work at my kitchen sink. I usually garden in the late afternoon before dinner – it is a good precursor to making food. I suppose it makes sense – from the earth to the table.

That is a reminder that I need to plant the herbs I got in the form of a ChiaPet – Chia Herb Garden – I will let you know how that goes.

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