Making Soup

May 4, 2011

Today was an unusually chilly day spring day. It was rainy and I was underdressed. When I dropped the kids off at school it did not feel that cold so I went about the day dressed in sandals and a light top. The day got colder and I got chilled to the core – deep in my bones. Brrr.

I was scheduled to teach a class that was cancelled – who wants to go out on a night like tonight anyway? After picking up the kids from school I stopped at Sunny’s Asian deli/market  on Avenue B and picked out some fresh vegetables and fruits.

At home I sorted the veggies and poured myself a small glass of Spanish wine. 

I chopped two cloves of garlic and a medium yellow onion and sauteed them in a big pot with some olive oil.I chopped up half a head of cabbage.I peeled and sliced two large carrots and a parsnip. I beheaded a large bunch of broccoli and threw all of these in the pot. I stirred it all about then poured in 4 cups of vegetable broth. Then I threw in a large can of fire roasted whole tomatoes – juice and all. I let this cook until  a fork could easily penetrate the carrots and parsnips.

Then I took my braun hand mixer and pureed it.

This makes the soup a beautiful color and the texture is so pleasant. It is a bit chunky and a bit creamy.

Rob toasted a few slices of Bread Alone whole wheat sourdough bread ( for those of us who can tolerate gluten!) and we had three cheeses.

MMMM – now I am warmed to my soul. And Chloe loves this soup!

One Response to “Making Soup”

  1. Robin Seibert Says:

    love this, now i am going to make some broccoli soup with the broc sitting in my fridge.

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