Hand Expressing – every nursing mom needs to know how

March 14, 2011

Who needs a pump when you have your hands?

Not everyone needs to express milk but it is a good idea to know how. Say you want a little extra milk for your 5 year-old’s conjuctivitis or your little darling is sleeping a bit longer stretches and you feel a bit full.

Here is how it goes:

You take the pads of your thumb and middle finger and place them just on the inner edge of your areola.

You put pressure as though you are going to touch your rib cage.

Then, imagine there is ink on your thumb – you roll your thumb towards your nipple as though you would make a thumbprint – not a smudge.


If you do not have milk flowing you can massage your breast toward the nipple.

You repeat until you have expressed  enough milk for your particular needs of the moment.

The best place to practice is in the shower. Sometimes you will find a “sweet spot” where you get a nice continuous flow.

No need for electricity or batteries.

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