Perfect Imperfection

March 6, 2011

I have been researching mother blogs and mother memoirs and it seems there are many women out there who came into motherhood looking for perfection. They had an idealized view of being a mother. At the PPLC conference I heard someone compare the people who focus on the wedding and not the marriage to those who focus on the pregnancy and/or birth but not not the parenting.

I suppose being the type “B”, middle child I never expected perfection. I always knew I was flawed but I knew also that I was good. I believe that is true of everyone – we are all flawed and we all have something to offer. I feel like a work in progress. Who needs perfection? Certainly not our children. That is way too much pressure for them.

Just be who you are, strive to improve yourself and when you can’t at the moment just be. Just be YOU!

One Response to “Perfect Imperfection”

  1. Amber McCann Says:

    I’m embracing all the imperfections. 🙂 What fun is a life with no hiccups and flaws?

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